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Seek The Lord’s Karuna…His Timeless Mercy…

Aum Sri Sai Ram Sadhana Aradhana March 25, 2011. Our Beloved Lord’s last Darshan at the sanctified premises of Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam. Consequently, for reasons known best to Bhagawan and which none of us with our brimming-with-worldly-thoughts finite … Continue reading

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Hush…You Can Hear Mother India Cry…

These lines flow forth with pure love as a dedication, a pledge to Mother India…the sacred land the Lord chose for His Advent time and again… In the dead of night, When all is surrounded, By a deceptive outward calm, … Continue reading

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A Period Of Awakening

A Period of Awakening…24th March – 24th April 2019 …then on…a lifetime commitment to the Beloved Supreme Being…  To my Araadhya…the One i worship…this is my Aradhana…my sacred offering, regard and worship…my awe, invocation, devotion and adoration.  All Glory to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Beloved Bhagawan…Many Many Happy Returns…Living With Sai –  A Pledge To The Thee In Me

Beloved Bhagawan, Invoking Thy Resplendent Presence and Merciful Grace, with Thee as the Supreme Witness, may we intently commit our Love, Devotion, Faith, Belief and Earnest Intentions eagerly to Thee…for all that we are and ever will be is entirely … Continue reading

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