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Beyond That Which Appears To Be

Sai Baba Tera Naam… Sathya Sai Baba Tera Naam… Beyond that which appears to be, What the ears can hear and the eyes can see, Is what the heart does know and the soul does feel, That perception, that magnetic … Continue reading

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For A Few Pieces Of Copper

A Saint for some, A Mahapurush to others, Revered by innumerable as a Guru, A Friend to so many, Mother and Father to millions, God – to beings the Cosmos through, Acknowledged so by sacred texts, Rishis and other living … Continue reading

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How Far Can We Go…?

Our deeds are our reward, Can we ever deceive God? How far can we go…? Power and position, Wealth and Property, Right at our door, In spite of all this, How far can we go? Arrogance and pride And hatred … Continue reading

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Have The Master’s Words Reached Your Heart…?

Akhand Jyoti Jalao, Sai Mana Mandir Mey… A bright wondrous ray, May this light open us up to an enlightened view, Reverence for all life forms, compassion, tolerance, patience and love true, For that Beloved Bhagawan is the message from … Continue reading

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Nothing Distracted Her… For Nothing Attracted Her…

Radha pined, yearned and longed for Her Krishna…her soul sought only Him…she knew nothing else… for nothing distracted her as nothing else attracted her…she remained complete, replete only in thoughts of Krishna… Krishna wanted to know, to experience bhakti for … Continue reading

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Something That You Own…Something Your Very Own

Woke up early morn, For a temple visit at dawn, A huge queue, A serpentine line, Devotees, devotion, Worship and prayer, Faith and belief, A positive layer, Worship articles of a myriad kind, Adoration of the Lord, uppermost in their … Continue reading

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His Presence is His Legacy

Aum Sri Sai Ram Have We Understood Him At All…? None can fathom or understand Him, this is true. But have tried to? Have we at least grasped the reason the Avatar chose to live and breathe amongst…and now through … Continue reading

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Heaven In A Garbage Pile

“Jag hai mithya, Sai ney sachchi raah dikhai, Sabse karey pyar, Ye jeevan, Tera baney sukhdayi, Aisa dey updesh Prabhu ney, Hum pey kiya upkaar, Eashwaramma tera Sai, Yug yug ka Avtaar…” The Lord showed the right path, Out of … Continue reading

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The Echo Within

An echo within, An image unseen, A whispered secret, Perchance I met, Great joy swept through the heart, A feeling of closeness, Of being a part, And never apart, From that One Supreme, A shimmering light, a dazzling beam, Where … Continue reading

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Eashwaramma – The Mother He Chose

OM SRI SAI RAM Eashwaramma – The Mother of God His advent was imminent, As so many beings did pray, The piteous cries of Mother Earth meant, The Lord had to find a way… The age of Kali, Had a … Continue reading

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