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Eternal Sanctity – Embodiments Of Bliss, Samadhi…

EMBODIMENTS OF BLISS “You are all living Embodiments of Bliss”…that’s how the Beloved One refers to all. …and then He calls us “Embodiments of Love”, not only a charmingly endearing term, but a prompt towards our reality. We heard, but … Continue reading

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Women Are The Repositories Of Truth And Culture…

Ever since 1995, 19th of November does come alive, With celebrations for all ladies, “Women are the repositories of Truth and Culture…” Is what Bhagawan once did say, Hence, …blossoming as a most significant segment… …in this His Glorious Play, … Continue reading

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Life Is The Greatest University

Life is always working in my favour… …enchanting, repelling, sweet, bittersweet… …contentment, torment… …people…events…of varying flavour… …each moment i do savour… Life is the greatest University, Wherein…reactions bind me… …while responses set me free… L – Life = Love I … Continue reading

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Love All…Serve All…

Each time i get angry… …i contribute to the violence in the world, Each time i breathe, exude and expand in love… …upon creation a unique frequency of joy is unfurled, The outer is nothing but a reflection of what … Continue reading

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Guru Pournima 2015 Issue – Sri Sathya Sai Newsletter, Youth Wing, Pune Dear Sisters and Brothers, Loving Sairam to all! Invoking the grace of our dearest Lord, we, the Youth Wing of the SSSSO, Pune, joyfully place the Ashadhi/GuruPournima 2015 Issue at the cherished Lotus Feet. Beloved Bhagawan, You are the … Continue reading

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Priorities And Gratitude

The text that flows through the page below…made its debut upon the editorial page of the October 2014 Issue of our Pune Youth Newsletter…lovingly dedicated at the Lotus Feet of Beloved Bhagawan. Ganeshaya Namah Saraswatyai Namah Sri Gurubhyo Namah Hari … Continue reading

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