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Month Of Giving And Forgiving…A Period of Awakening…

Aaraadhya Ko Samarpit Ek Anokhi Aradhana, Lagan Aur Sadhana… 25 March – 27 April 2018… …then on…a lifetime commitment to the Beloved Supreme Being… Beloved Mother Sai…You are my ‘Araadhya’…the One to Whom my soul incessantly offers enduring aaradhana…worship and adoration … Continue reading

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Your Name…Beloved Lord…Your Name

Your Name…Beloved Lord, Your Name… Just the simple utterance of Your Name… …fills the heart with incomparable ecstasy, Oh! Inimitable is the bliss… …that Your Name does rain… The mind completely withdraws… …secludes into a material refrain… The soul enchantingly … Continue reading

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My Eternal Beloved…

The soul knows no separation, It revels forever in the magnificent bliss of the One, Is there an isolated existence for glistening sunrays… …without the matchless brilliance of the Sun… …or for frolicsome waves sans the mighty Ocean…? That timeless … Continue reading

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That Island Of Bliss…In This Sea Of Mundane Existence

Flowers bedecked in colourful hues, Vying with each other for a glimpse of Thee, Birds perched on evergreen trees, Chanting merrily melodious songs for Thee, Omkar, Vedic Chants, Nagarsankirtan, Devotees, The animals too are involved and evolved and enjoy the … Continue reading

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